On week 9 term 3 team mines wiImage result for Xth Taine Noah and law doo conducted series of tests

with a bucket of water 2 tissues and one cup. we used the tissues

to push them at  the bottom of the cup then we filled the bucket

with water until it was filled half way . we tipped the cup  upside down

and put the cup under water when we pulled the cup out from the water

it was still dry.

for more info go to noahs blog or law doos blog .

runny race

In class we have been looking at the viscosity for water honey and oil. We got a cup and got a sharp
object and put a small hole and put in at the bottom of the cup. The fastest liquid to get out
of the cup was the water the  second fastest was the honey  no just kidding the seconded fastest

was the oil and the last liquid to leave the cup was the honey. The water’s time to leave the cup was 58 seconds to leave the cup  the oil took 10mins and 7 seconds and lets just say the honey would of taken ten years. We will be looking at different liquid’s

next time. my science team has law doo’ Noah’ and me our group is called minus  our symbol is a X

parts of a narrative

what’s important about a narrative is the orientation the orientation

is the start of the story .In the middle of the story you  will have  a plot

the plot is were you will make a problem because a story with out

a problem  will not get the readers attention . as you come to finish

of your story you will have the resolution the resolution is the ending

of your story

our day out on the lake

For our p.e  our p.e  teacher took all o the 3 to 6 students

we done lots of fun stuff we played octopus  I loved the

sail boats the man told us that the water was not deep when me

and my friend jumped in the  water our heads went under water and shot up . for fun me and Caleb and some of the others

got behind a sail boat and push it with Caleb in it.

swimming day

at the schools  swimming day we got on a bus I sat next to caleb.

I was  racing in the 50 meters  events. I won all of my  heats I was so

happy how well the day went.

taine swimming